Company Management
Byoung Seub Choi
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Choi was appointed as CEO of JSC Nenskra Hydro in January 2016 by K-Water. Previously he had worked in K-water for 30 years in civil engineering and took a position of Vice President of K-water.

Hyungshin Kim
Vice Chief Executive Officer

Hyungshin Kim was appointed JSC Nenskra Hydro Vice CEO in January 2018. Mr. Kim has joined K-water, a state-owned Korea Water Resources Corporation, the investor of Nenskra HPP Project, in 1996. Since then he had worked in strategy planning, contract and procurement, audit department for 15 years and from 2012 he has been doing a number of overseas projects in Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, Iran and Georgia.
Mr. Kim studied commercial law, public policy in Seoul and Canberra as well.

Youngtak Choi
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining K Water, Mr. Choi has been involved in developing infrastructural projects in Samsung Construction and Trading Corporation, Pusan Newport and others.

Teimuraz Kopadze
Chief Operating Officer

Teimuraz Kopadze has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of JSC Nenskra Hydro in 2015. He has been involved in Nenskra Hydropower Project since 2013 when he became the CEO and Project Manager of JSC Nenskra.
Prior to this Mr. Kopadze has been employed in Georgian Railways LLC, his latest position being Deputy Infrastructure Director.
Teimuraz Kopadze holds Master’s Degree in Law and an MBA in Operations Management.

Sungwon Jung
Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Jung has been appointed Chief Technical Officer at JSC Nenskra Hydro in 2018. Sungwon Jung has worked in various positions in the fields of dam design, construction and project management at Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) since 1999.
Mr. Jung holds Master’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University of California at Berkeley.