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19 Feb, 2019
Nenskra Hydro launches the Land Supporting Project

JSC Nenskra Hydro, Nenskra Hydropower Plant (HPP) project company, has launched a Land Registration Supporting Project in Mestia Municipality villages – Chuberi and Nakra.

The social project is based on the needs assessment of the local communities and is being implemented with the direct involvement of Mestia Municipality. Within the framework of the project, the company offers to render service of preparation of cadastral drawings of land plots owned or/and used by all family-based farms living in Chuberi and Nakra.

JSC Nenskra Hydro intends to assist approximately 400 families. The total area of the land plots in question is approximately 450 ha. The costs related to consulting on the procedures of land registration and mapping, measurement and preparation of cadastral drawings of land plots will be fully covered by Nenskra Hydro.

“The Land Registration Supporting Project is being implemented within the framework of the social responsibility of Nenskra Hydro. It aims to enable the local community to develop small and medium enterprises. The legal registration of the land owned by the residents of Chuberi and Nakra will allow them to develop agricultural or hospitality business”, – states Teimuraz Kopadze, Chief Operating Officer of JSC Nenskra Hydro.