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13 Feb, 2019
JSC Nenskra Hydro Launches 3 Large scale Social Projects in Chuberi and Nakra

TV Pirveli (TV პირველი) channel, prime time business news (“საქმის კურსი”) aired at ~23:10, 13.02.2019. JSC Nenskra Hydro launches 3 large-scale social projects in Chuberi and Nakra villages, on the basis of the assessment of the needs of local residents:

1. Access to Mechanization Project – in the framework of the project, the community members of Chuberi and Nakra villages will be able to receive services related to agricultural and small infrastructural works with the heavy machinery. All the expenses related to using the machinery will be fully covered by JSC Nenskra Hydro.

2. Land Registration Assistance Project – within the framework of the project, the company offers to render service of preparation of cadastral planning of plots of land owned or/and used by all family-based farms living in Chuberi and Nakra.

3. Vocational Training for Heavy Machinery Operators – project aims at increasing local residents’ chances to be hired for Nenskra HPP construction, as well as increase their value on labor-market.