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17 Jul, 2019
TV Report on Imedi about Tourism in Chuberi and Nakra

TV Imedi (TV იმედი) channel, “Imedi Day” (“იმედის დილა”) program aired TV report at 13:23, 17.07.2019 about Tourism in Nenskra and Nakra Valleys. The report includes interviews with guesthouse owners, with a representative of local government in Nakra, with a student, who won the 1st place in the competition about tourism development and with an owner of local food corner in Chuberi. Altogether the feature gives information why a tourist should visit these areas, showing amazing nature, local residents, traditional cuisine and leisure activities for tourists. The TV report was followed by the live interview at Imedi studio with Irina Petriashvili, Public Relations Officer of JSC Nenskra Hydro, who highlighted the company’s initiative towards tourism development and discussed JSC NH’s policy and projects which support the region’s sustainable development.