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7 Jun, 2019
JSC Nenskra Hydro Statement on the Current Situation in Chuberi

JSC Nenskra Hydro, the Nenskra Hydropower Plant (HPP) project company has released a statement regarding the natural disaster in Chuberi village, Mestia municipality.

According to the company’s information, on June 7, 2019 as a result of heavy rain, Nenskra River tributary – Devrula has been swelled in Chuberi. The Devrula bridge was damaged and resulted in paralyzing traffic. By now the traffic has been restored. In order to ensure safety of local residents, traffic through the bridge on the river Marghula in Kvemo Marghi village was restricted.

Currently, the staff of JSC “Nenskra Hydro” is in continuous communication with the local community members to assist them in case of necessity. The top management of JSC Nenskra Hydro has gone to the site to get acquainted with the situation. At the same time, heavy machinery of “Georgian Construction Consortium” (GCC), contractor company of JSC Nenskra Hydro is mobilized.

“Existence of the dam in the valley in the near future will enable us to control the water level in the river bed in case of such natural events, which will reduce the risk of harming the population and infrastructure significantly,” said Teimuraz Kopadze, Chief Operations Officer of JSC Nenskra Hydro.

Since November 2018 JSC Nenskra Hydro has been carrying out preparatory works for the construction of Nenskra HPP in Chuberi, which included rehabilitation and bank-strengthening works of the damaged areas due to the flood on 5th of July.

To date, a 211-meter section of the road to Tita village has been fully rehabilitated and access restored. Bank-strengthening works are complete as well. As part of the rehabilitation works, the damaged Chuberi bypass (945 m) was partly rehabilitated: the river-bed was cleaned, the existing road was widened and bank-strengthening measures were undertaken.

Corrugated pipes and wire grids were arranged to ensure the safety of residents in the vicinity of the village Lari-Lari.

Currently, rehabilitation works on the damaged road are being carried out on the project area (14.400 km): a stone embankment and temporary wooden bridges have been set up and the river-bed cleaned.