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16 Nov, 2017
Nenskra HPP Project Investor Company K-water Celebrates the 50th Anniversary

The investor company of Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project, Korea Water Resources Corporation K-water on November 16, 2017, celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The company implemented 67 projects of high complexity in 24 countries. At present the company manages 16 multipurpose dams. As of 2016, company’s income was 3 billion US dollars, and the total value of assets – 18 billion US dollars.

Main spheres of K-water activities are: building and management of renewable energy facilities; building and management of facilities intended for use and development of water resources; prevention of floods and droughts, etc.

Nenskra HPP project is implemented in unique BOT (build-operate-transfer) scheme for Georgian energy sector. This means that after 36 years since commissioning, the hydropower plant will be transferred to the Georgian state.

Installed capacity of Nenskra HPP – 280 MW, and annual generation will be 1’200.00 GWh. Generated electricity will be consumed by local market and will significantly reduce the shortage of electricity in autumn-winter season.