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26 Jan, 2018
Nenskra HPP Sees Executive Changes as the Project Enters its Active Phase

The Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project company, JSC Nenskra Hydro, has welcomed Mr. Hyungshin Kim in a position of its Vice Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Kim has joined K-water, a state-owned Korea Water Resources Corporation, the investor of Nenskra HPP Project, in 1996. Since then he had worked on a number of K-water’s overseas projects in senior positions, such as, for example, managing of Nepal Branch Office and Thailand Branch Office.

“I am delighted to join an international team of the Nenskra HPP Project, which I have been following closely from its inception in 2015. K-water has implemented 67 projects of high complexity in 24 countries, the company currently manages 16 multipurpose dams and we are very confident that the Nenskra HPP Project will become a success story. We realize the importance of the project for Georgia, as the country has been facing increasing energy deficit in winter time and consequently, increasing need of energy import. Not only will the Nenskta HPP essentially contribute to reducing the import, it will make a significant contribution to the economy of Svaneti region”, – Mr. Kim has noted.

The Nenskra HPP construction is scheduled to commence in 2018, in the meantime the preparatory works are going on in the Nenskra Valley, as well as works within the framework of the Community Investment Program that was designed to contribute to the sustainable development of the Nenskra and Nakra Valleys, through investing in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises locally, skills training of the community members and so on.