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14 დეკ, 2022


Preparatory Works for  

Nenskra Hydropower Project in Georgia 


– Prequalification – 

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

The special purpose company JSC Nenskra Hydro majority-owned by Korea Water  Resources Corporation (K-water), called hereafter the “Employer“, is in negotiation with  Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) to obtain financing on a non-recourse or limited basis towards Nenskra Hydropower Project, called hereafter the ” Project“, located in  the north-western Svaneti region of Georgia. 

The structural components of the Project include a 130m high rockfill dam with asphaltic  face on Nenskra River, a 15km long concrete lined headrace tunnel, a 1.8km long steel  penstock, an open-air powerhouse with an installed capacity of 280MW, a 9m high concrete weir on Nakra River, a 12.5km long concrete lined transfer tunnel from the weir  to the dam reservoir. Currently, the Employer is in negotiation on the terms and  conditions of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contract with its  preferred bidder on the main EPC aspects of the Project, which includes all of the above  mentioned structural components of the Project (the “Main EPC Works”). 

All ancillary and preparatory works for the Project, which consists of access roads and  bridges and POV (Permanent Operators’ Village) (the “Preparatory Works”) are being  tendered and undertaken separately to the Main EPC Works. The Employer now invites  applicants for the Prequalification procedure in the course of international competitive  bidding for selection of an EPC Contractor for the Preparatory Works. 

The Preparatory Works will include approximately 42km of access road, 8 bridges,  Permanent Operator’s Village with 6 buildings on a 7,701㎡ area and all ancillary and  related works, including the access road and its disposal area to access the inlet of the  TBM portal and further to the surge tank of the Main EPC Works.  

The Preparatory Works are to be effective and implemented once the Employer obtains  the financing on a non-recourse or limited basis toward the Project and issues Notice to  Proceed (NTP), which we expect (subject to the final paragraph of this invitation)  approximately in mid 2023. From the effective date, all works shall be completed within  a period of 12 months.  

Prequalification and tendering for the Preparatory Works is open to firms and joint  ventures of firms from any country in accordance with Prequalification Documents to be  provided by the Employer. 

A Single Stage tender procedure will follow the Prequalification procedure.

The criteria to be used in the Prequalification evaluation are provided in the  Prequalification Document which include instructions to applicants. Applicants must be  eligible under multilateral development bank criteria and not under sanctions imposed  by Government and supra-national organisations.  

Interested eligible applicants may contact the below persons to obtain a complete set of  Prequalification Documents in electronic format for free after we receive an executed  Confidentiality Undertaking from each of applicant : 

Email: Mr. Juwon Lee ( 

Email: Mr. Kyoungmin Park ( 

The Employer may, at its own discretion, open a clarification meeting for the prequalified  applicants. 

All Prequalification documents must be received by the Employer in one sealed  envelope bearing the mention “Prequalification for Preparatory Works for Nenskra  Hydropower Project” not later than 12th January 2023, at 4:00 pm (Tbilisi time) at the  following address. 

Att.: Mr. Han Goo Lee 

JSC Nenskra Hydro 

 Floor 5, Pixel Building, 

 #34 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave. 0179,  

 Tbilisi, Georgia 

If the eventual tenderer is a JVCA (joint venture, consortium, or association) of two or  more persons, all such persons shall be jointly and severally bound to the Employer for  the fulfilment of the provisions of the EPC Contract for the Preparatory Works and shall  designate one of such persons to act as a leader with authority to bind the JVCA. The  composition or the constitution of the JVCA shall not be altered without the prior consent  of the Employer. 

The Employer will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by applicant in  connection with the preparation or delivery of an Application.  

Tenderers to note that the Employer is currently subject to two injunctions relating to the  Project, obtained from the Georgian courts by the Employer’s former enabling works  contractor, under which the Employer is prohibited from: (i) using its tunnel boring  machines; and (ii) entering into a contract with a third party for the Preparatory Works.  The Employer has taken, and will continue to take, steps in the Georgian courts to  procure the lifting of the injunctions, upon which the Employer intends to proceed with  the Project.